By joining AAF Greater Evansville, you become a member of the American Advertising Federation’s nationwide network of advertising professionals. That means you are a part of something bigger, you join a national organization that is making a difference in the overall image and viability of our industry.

Your membership gives us the platform to be the leading voice for advertising-friendly government policies on the national, regional and local levels. We advocate for diversity programs in our industry and champion for educational initiatives. AAF also allows us to participate in the American Advertising Awards, the largest creative advertising competition in the country.

AAF Members Receive:

Local Support
National Backing

*Not all benefits are available for Student members. See below for Student member benefits.

Membership Levels

Joining AAF-Greater Evansville is easy!

Just browse the membership levels, select the one that you are interested in, complete and submit the application.

Corporate Gold

$ 1000
  • 8 Individuals
  • Table Sponsor at Speaker Series Events
  • 3 AAA Entries
  • Presentation opportunity at one networking event

Corporate Silver

$ 600
  • 5 Individuals
  • 2 AAA Entries
  • Logo on website


$ 250
  • 2 Individuals
  • 1 AAA Entry
  • Logo on website


$ 125
  • 1 Individual
  • Free admission to Speaker Series lunches, networking and social events (minimum of 4)
  • Discounted Member pricing for American Advertising Awards® Gala and entries


$ 100
  • 1 Individual
  • Free admission to Speaker Series lunches, networking and social events (minimum of 4)
  • Must provide documentation of non-profit status


$ 20
  • 1 Individual
  • Free admission to networking and social events
  • Discounted member pricing for AAF Speaker Series luncheons and American Advertising Awards® Gala

Get Involved

We encourage our members take an active role in our club. Check out the many opportunities available and let us know how you would like to contribute!

American Advertising Awards

Be a part of our biggest and most prestigious event of the year. Help plan and execute the printed materials, organize the competition and the awards ceremony!


Help us get the word out about our club, upcoming events and programs through social media, our website and news media.


One of our core missions is to work with local students to help develop the next generation of advertising professionals. Our education committee selects students for our annual scholarship and is our organizations support team for this mission.


Develop creative and innovative ways to raise funds and obtain sponsorships to support AAF-GE activities and programs. Monetary support helps us upgrade our programs and events.


What do you want to see and hear at the AAF-Greater Evansville’s meetings? Be part of planning the professional development programs that are the heart and soul of our offerings to members.


Recruit new members and find ways to retain the current ones to keep AAF-Greater Evansville growing and strong.