Digital Advertising Specialist – Outdoors

Company: Gray Loon Marketing Group
Job Posted February 2, 2021

We’re looking to hire a digital advertising specialist with a passion for combining the right creative and targeting with the right medium and budget to best reach potential customers for our clients. This position will integrate into a larger team to provide holistic inbound marketing strategies across digital channels.


A wizard with digital ads – Experience with search advertising (Google and Microsoft), social media advertising (Facebook/Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc.), YouTube Ads, and other digital networks. Proven track record with both audience generation and remarketing ads.

Identify audiences that convert – Knowledge of advanced targeting and remarketing strategies for digital ads is a must. Your job is to identify audiences that convert, so we can spend our clients’ advertising budgets as efficiently as possible to drive results.

Adapt to the platforms – Hunting- and gun-related content is highly censored across digital advertising mediums. This job requires an understanding of each platform’s ad policies, and the ability to tweak ad creative, landing pages, and optimization to meet policies and get ads approved.

•Hunting/shooting know-how – Candidate will create authentic and engaging ads catered to a variety of outdoor interests including hunting and shooting sports like deer hunting, turkey hunting, upland hunting, bowhunting, shotguns, rifles, ARs, and more. When applying, please specify the outdoor areas you have experience in and feel confident in executing effective advertising strategies.

Big-picture thinking – Our clients have a variety of challenges and our job is to provide solutions. This job requires an understanding of our clients’ big-picture goals and how we’ll exceed those through our efforts.

Comfortable in a deadline-driven environment – Some projects are proactive with time to fine-tune and some projects are reactive and rushed with quick solutions being the only solution. We need someone who juggles multiple projects and multiple deadlines and makes it look easy.

Comfortable working on a team – Very few projects will be solo. This position will work within a team and that means multiple perspectives, personalities and professional opinions on most projects. It requires checking ego at the door.


•Create and launch digital ad campaigns to include messaging, special promotions, and ad placements and platforms
•Manage and optimize ad budgets across multiple digital platforms/mediums, for multiple clients
•Identify and create target audiences, including advanced pixel-based audiences for retargeting
•Leverage SEO to build a paid search strategy that converts
•Identify opportunities for and manage A/B testing, including audiences, copywriting, placements, and creative assets
•Monitor and analyze campaigns and make regular proactive changes to improve campaign performance and budget pacing
•Establish and monitor Key Performance Indicators
•Compile and analyze KPIs in client-ready formats on a regular, ongoing basis
•Use Google Analytics and/or other reporting software to tie digital ad KPIs to identified website conversions and client goals
•Collaborate internally or with the client’s marketing departments to create a holistic approach to inbound marketing across media relations, organic social, and email marketing

•College degree in an applicable field of study such as English, journalism, public relations, marketing or business
•At least two years of applicable professional experience
•Genuine and authentic interest in hunting, fishing and firearms

About Gray Loon
Gray Loon Marketing Group is a marketing and communications agency founded in Evansville, Indiana, in 1994. Gray Loon specializes in both digital and traditional media services. We offer our diverse portfolio of clients cutting-edge strategy and development for design, branding, print creative, content creation, social media, media relations, influencer programs, digital advertising, and more.

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